Somaliland Announces New Offensive Derailing Addis Ababa Talks

30.3.2023: Laascaanood, Sool The conflict in Laascaanood enters a new chapter as the separatist Somaliland military announced on Sunday their intent to launch offensive attacks against SSC-Khaatumo forces stationed in the city marking a shift in strategy from Hargeisa as they attacked the city on Sunday morning. For months, the Bihi regime in Hargeisa has... Continue Reading →

Local Resistance Take Over Laascaanood Killing 5 Soldiers as Somaliland Withdrawals

05.01.2023: Laascaanood, Sool Following nearly two weeks of oppression and a brutal crackdown by the separatist Somaliland Government in Hargeisa which saw dozens of unarmed civilians killed, locals armed themselves last night and pushed Somaliland soldiers out of the city. This morning saw dozens of locals come to the streets to raise the flag of... Continue Reading →

100 Days On: A Success for the President?

07.09.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud became the first President in history of Somalia to be given the opportunity to serve a second term. There was mixed emotions and reactions to his re-election as President of Somalia. His critics have called him weak on foreign policy and pointed to his track record on corruption... Continue Reading →

Security Failures in Mogadishu

22.8.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia Since the administration led by former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, the Somali government and its international partners have continuously portrayed an image that the Somali Armed Forces were being trained to finally take over the security of Somalia from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), now the African Transitional Mission in... Continue Reading →

Al-Shabab attack on Somali Galbeed, Why Now?

06.08.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia The scale of the Al-Shabab attack on Somali Galbeed (Somali State) has come as a surprise to many security and political analysts alike. It is clear that Al-Shabab has spent a lengthy amount of time preparing including recruiting, arming and training of new fighters as well as devising both military and political... Continue Reading →

The Visit to Egypt and what this could mean for Somalia

25.7.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud has taken his seventh visit abroad in which he travelled to Cairo to meet his Egyptian counterpart, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. The foreign policy movements by the President has demonstrated a major shift from previous foreign policy. Hassan Sheikh entered office with a bulldozer, ready to completely reconfigure... Continue Reading →

Somali PM sets up a committee to investigate AMISOM killing of civilians in Golweyn

The Somali Prime Minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble has setup a committee to investigate the killing of 7 Somali civilians in Golweyn, Lower Shabelle. According to reports, AMISOM forces were travelling between the cities of Golweyn and Danow in the Shalanbood district when an IED exploded damaging the vehicle and possibly causing non-life threatening injuries to occupants. Following... Continue Reading →

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