Weekly Bulletin Vol 1

Welcome to the first edition of our new weekly roundup of major political, economic, social and environmental events in Somalia. Many Somalis at home and abroad are intrigued by events going on back home however do not have the capacity to find the latest news and analysis. This short weekly bulletin is intended to provide... Continue Reading →

US Govt imposes sanctions on Al-Shabaab financiers 

20.10.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia The U.S. government on Monday announced new sanctions on fourteen individuals for financial facilitation and recruitment including six individuals that the U.S. claims are part of a weapons smuggling ring for Al-Shabab under Executive Order 13224, which targets terrorist groups and facilitators. The six individuals named by the U.S. Treasury department include... Continue Reading →

KDF bombs Gedo despite Federal Government warnings

26.09.2021: Garbahaarrey, Gedo Reports coming in from the border district of El Wak in the Gedo region of Jubaland are indicating that the Kenyan Air Force authorised and conducted an airstrike in four areas of the district. Local residents and journalists have reported that there have been civilian casualties in the bombardment however there remains... Continue Reading →

Somali PM sets up a committee to investigate AMISOM killing of civilians in Golweyn

The Somali Prime Minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble has setup a committee to investigate the killing of 7 Somali civilians in Golweyn, Lower Shabelle. According to reports, AMISOM forces were travelling between the cities of Golweyn and Danow in the Shalanbood district when an IED exploded damaging the vehicle and possibly causing non-life threatening injuries to occupants. Following... Continue Reading →

AMISOM kill 7 INNOCENT Somalis in Lower Shabelle

Reports from the Golweyn in Shalanbood, Lower Shabelle indicate that AMISOM forces have rounded up and killed 7 Somalis in the region according to the Governor of Shalanbood who spoke to Shabelle Media Network. According to reports, AMISOM forces were travelling between the cities of Golweyn and Danow in the Shalanbood district when an IED... Continue Reading →

Jubaland MP dies under mysterious circumstances

The sudden death of Jubaland regional member of Parliament (MP), Mohamed Yare Gacmeey has raised many eyebrows on the suspicious timing of his demise during a period in which disputes have rocked the Jubaland regional legislative body. Suspicious Timing Local reports have suggested that Gacmeey was one of a number of MPs that opposed attempts... Continue Reading →

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