Galcad: Another Senior SNA Commander killed in an Al-Shabab Dawn Attack – What Went Wrong

20.1.2023: Galcad, Galgaduud An attack in the early hours of this morning on a military compound in the recently liberated village of Galcad by Al-Shabab militants has killed a number of soldiers including Major Hassan Mohamed Osman (Tuure), the well-known deputy commander of Somalia's Danab Commandos. Several initial reports suggested that numerous soldiers were killed... Continue Reading →

Al-Shabaab Stronghold Aadan Yabal falls to Somali Government

07.12.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia The Somali National Army (SNA) alongside local clan militia known as 'Macawisley' have captured the Al-Shabaab stronghold "without a fight" announces President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud in a televised speech to the nation on Tuesday. For the past few days, fierce fighting had been reported near Wartadibi Samatar and Boos Adur villages in... Continue Reading →

Somalia’s Security Minister Injured as Al-Shabab attack Villa Rays Hotel – Only Yards from Villa Somalia

28.11.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia Al-Shabab has conducted another heinous and cowardly attack in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu as the Somali Police Spokesman, Saadiq Doodishe announces that the attack has been curtailed after a day of fighting at Villa Rays Hotel - a popular with lawmakers and other senior government officials. In its most daring attack yet, Al-Shabab... Continue Reading →

Kismaayo: What Happened at Tawakal Hotel?

25.10.2022: Kismaayo, Lower Jubba On the 23rd of October, there was a report of an attack at Tawakal Hotel, one of the most popular hotels in the transitional capital of Jubaland. At around 12.15 p.m., a rather blissful afternoon was abruptly disrupted by a large explosion at the entrance of the hotel which was reported... Continue Reading →

2 Al-Shabab Militants killed in US Drone Strike

25.10.20222: Buuloburde, Hiiraan The United States Department of Defence, U.S. Army Africa Command (USAFRICOM) released a statement this afternoon confirming a drone strike conducted near Buuloburde that killed two Al-Shabab militants. The statement outlined that the militants were attacking SNA forces in the region and assessed that no civilians were killed or injured in the... Continue Reading →

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