Somalia: Severe Droughts and Climate Change

13.06.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia As the waters evaporate due to the sizzling heat of the sun, so have the hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands of traditional nomadic and farmer communities of Somalia. Crop harvest has been destroyed, livestock has died. For these people, their only means to survive in a country with limited job... Continue Reading →

Jubaland MP dies under mysterious circumstances

The sudden death of Jubaland regional member of Parliament (MP), Mohamed Yare Gacmeey has raised many eyebrows on the suspicious timing of his demise during a period in which disputes have rocked the Jubaland regional legislative body. Suspicious Timing Local reports have suggested that Gacmeey was one of a number of MPs that opposed attempts... Continue Reading →

FGS releases URGENT statement regarding AU meeting

The all important African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) meeting has commenced today to discuss how the African Union (AU) can best support the implementation of an election in Somalia through facilitating dialogue between stakeholders in the upcoming elections. This comes after President Farmaajo's surprise visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo earlier this... Continue Reading →

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