University Graduate Killed in ATMIS Convoy Crash

04.12.2022: Elasha Biyah, L/Shabelle Abdirahman Farah Fidow, a young university graduate was returning to his tailor shop when he was hit by a military vehicle of the African Union forces in Elasha Biyaha in Lower Shabelle on Wednesday. He was rushed to the hospital where he passed away, according to family. The incident resulted public... Continue Reading →

“No Bills Against Islamic Law Before Parliament” – Speaker Adan Madobe

01.12.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia Following heated debates regarding the controversial Sexual Offences Bill (SOB) led by Deputy Speaker Sacdiya Yaasin, Speaker of the House of the People, Sheikh Adan Madobe has unequivocally stated that no bills that are in any shape or form opposed to Islamic law will be brought before the Federal Parliament. The Speaker... Continue Reading →

Villa Somalia Disbands More Vital Independent Commissions while the Nation is Distracted by the War

22.11.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia In another reshuffle of the upper echelons of the Somali state, President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud disbands yet another series independent commissions that were formed during the previous administration. In recent months, we have seen the President disband or reshuffle a number of commission that were meant to be independent of the government... Continue Reading →

The disbandment of the Anti-Corruption Commission & Possible Dangers

12.10.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia On the 9th of October, Villa Somalia released a statement in which it outlined a Presidential decree signed by President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud effectively disbanding two critical independent institutions created by Parliament: The Independent Anti-Corruption Commission (IACC) and the Judicial Service Commission which were both vital for tackling corruption and developing an... Continue Reading →

NCC Meeting: Remaining Issues

12.09.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia Leaders of the Federal Member States and the Federal Government gathered in Mogadishu to discuss the current impasses and disputes amongst themselves as well as the current issues facing the country. This was the second attempt by Villa Somalia to hold an NCC summit. A planned event intended to take place back... Continue Reading →

Civilians Killed in US Drone Strike in Mubarak

11.09.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia The United States Military Africa Command (AFRICOM) has conducted an drone strike in Somalia which has killed 7 civilians in Mubaarak, Lower Shabelle region of Hirshabelle State. This is another major drone strike by the US government in recent weeks: On August 9th, the AFRCOM conducted a drone strike near the regional... Continue Reading →

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