5 Killed due to Clan Violence in Warsheikh Despite Visit by President Hassan Sheikh

29.11.2022: Warsheikh, Middle Shabelle

Violence has erupted in the Warsheikh District of Middle Shabelle following increased clan tensions in the region according to locals. This comes despite a visit by the President of Somalia to the region last week in which he negotiated an agreement between the warring clans and pledged the “end of illegal checkpoints”.

What Happened?

Safiya Sheikh Abukarow, her brother Abukar Idow, her uncle Sheikh Muhammed Sheikh Abdi Ali, and her grandmother Sangabo Mohamud Hussein were among those killed in the village of Halule in Warsheikh district. A fifth victim has not been named but is also believed to be a family member.

The armed men who slaughtered the family escaped. The men are believed to be clan militia and according to unconfirmed reports from neighbours, the massacre is related to recent inter-clan violence in the Adale district.

Locals are concerned that the attack will jeopardise the peace agreement negotiated by Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud during a visit to the troubled district late last week.

Over 50 people were killed in an inter-clan conflict in the Adale district following the withdrawal of Al Shabaab fighters in recent weeks. The clash is said to be sparked by a land dispute.

Security experts have expressed alarm over the return of fresh clan hostilities in areas liberated from Al-Shabaab and worry that such conflicts could undermine the military gains against Al-Shabaab.

On November 26, the Somali Armed Forces, the National Security and Intelligence Agency (NISA), and ‘Macawisley’ militia forces cleared El Dheere, Adale district, Middle Shabelle region.  According to the SNA, a US drone strike aided the operation, which killed 100 al Shabaab militants, including ten ringleaders.

‘Agreement Not Enough’

Somali political analysts and pundits have expressed that the agreement brokered by the President does not go far enough to tackle the root issues facing clans and individuals in the region.

The resurgence of violence despite the plea by the President demonstrates just that.

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