State Ministries of Posts & Communications Suspend Cooperation with the Federal Government

18.11.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia

Regional Ministries of Posts and Communications of the Federal Member States suspend cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Posts Communications & Technology according to a joint statement released by Federal states on Wednesday in a move that creates even more rifts between the central government and regional states at a time where unity is of the essence.

Accusations of Corruption

In the statement, regional governments accused the central government of mismanagement of an incoming $80 million cheque from the World Bank’s Digital Integration project. The large quantity of cash was intended to rebuild and develop the Ministry of Posts and Communication both on a Federal and State level.

State governments went on to elucidate that Federal Minister, Jama Hassan Khalif intentionally curtailed ties between the Federal and State ministries by taking unilateral decisions on matters concerning the state governments. The statement cited a number of state level meetings, workshops and conferences that were cancelled by the Minister before transferring these tasks to the Federal Ministry and his allies.

In fact, the state governments’ went on to convey that their requests to enlist employees to work on the World Bank’s Digital Integration project was rejected by the Federal Government which raised initial eyebrows as to why.

Another Suspension by State Governments

It was in August when Federal State Ministries of Finance severed ties with the Federal Ministry of Finance citing failure by the Federal Government to keep its word on implementation of previous agreements regarding revenue allocation.

State Ministers mentioned five agreements which they said the Federal Ministry had gone against it world. The agreements include the Addis Ababa Agreement, Nairobi Agreement, Kismayo Agreement, Mogadishu agreement and Kampala Agreement which were signed over the last decade.

This all comes at a time where there continues to be no national strategy to fight Al-Shabab as a number of Federal Member States are yet to begin engagement despite pledges made during the latest National Consultative Summit in Mogadishu.

As State leaders are all seeking to extend their terms, it seems as though the distrust and disunity amongst Federal and State leaders will only continue to grow.


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