Over 100 Al Shabaab militants killed in 48hrs – Somali Government

25.10.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia

The Somali Federal Government announces that it has killed over hundred Al-Shabab militants in the Middle Shabelle region of Hirshabelle State over the weekend which saw villages and towns liberated.

In a press statement released on Monday, Somalia’s Deputy Minister of Information, Abdirahman Al-Adala said that the Somali National Army, the National Intelligence & Security Agency and international partners collaborated on a series of operations in the Masjid Ali-Guduud and Bur-Olow.

According to the Ministry of Information, over hundred militants were killed and 33 bodies were recovered. However, the government did not comment on the number of government forces killed or injured, if any.

The government outlined that security forces targeted a home on Saturday, killing 21 Al-Shabab militants including a senior commander called Abdullahi Ali Araale. Another 11 militants were killed and more than 3o wounded on Sunday during operations conducted by NISA near the town of Masjid Al-Guduud – the Al-Shabab stronghold in Middle Shabelle and main government target.

An Attack Thwarted

State media confirmed that Somali security forces thwarted an attempted Al-Shabab suicide attack following operations targeting militant vehicles and hideouts in the Bur-Olow district, an estimate 10km west of the Al-Shabab stronghold of Masjid Ali-Guduud.

At around 9:40 pm local time, a large bomb-laden truck driven by militants was “attacked and neutralized.” A separate vehicle packed with explosives was destroyed less than an hour later. Nine Al Shabaab members were killed in the blast, which officials said was heard over a kilometre away.

Just last week, SNA forces also thwarted an attempt by Al-Shabab to blow up the strategic bridge in Jalalaqsi, Hiiraan when soldiers shot and killed the would-be suicide bomber driving a bomb-laden truck.

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