US to train more Danab Commandos

07.09.2022: Mogadishu, Somalia

Somali Defence Minister Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur alongside the Somali National Army Chief Gen. Odowaa Yusuf Raage met with the US Ambassador to Somalia, Larry Andre in Mogadishu this afternoon to confirm the training of more Danab commandos as the projected is signed off.

The US began training Danab Commandos in 2014 and pledged Somalia 3,000 newly trained commandos. However, by the time former US President Trump ordered the withdrawal of US troops in December 2020, less than half of the 3,000 commandos were actually trained.

The US previously spent millions of dollars in training and support Danab commandos according to Washington. In fact, the US claims Danab conduct more than half of counterterrorism operations in Somalia. However, such claims cannot be independently verified.

Intensifying Conflict

Somalia’s war against Al-Shabab has intensified in recent months as the group has conducted 136 attacks in the last 4 months across the country including the Hayat hotel attack in the capital of Mogadishu which lasted over 30 hours as well as Al-Shabab most largescale offensive in Somali Galbeed which saw over 800 militants participate in a large scale invasion of Afdheer.

We have also seen militants battling locals in Hiran where dozens of water wells and villages have been burnt down by the militants in recent weeks.

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