AMISOM kill 7 INNOCENT Somalis in Lower Shabelle

Reports from the Golweyn in Shalanbood, Lower Shabelle indicate that AMISOM forces have rounded up and killed 7 Somalis in the region according to the Governor of Shalanbood who spoke to Shabelle Media Network.

According to reports, AMISOM forces were travelling between the cities of Golweyn and Danow in the Shalanbood district when an IED exploded damaging the vehicle and possibly causing non-life threatening injuries to occupants.

Following the incident, AMISOM forces travelled to a near by farm owned by the deceased AUN Omar Hassan, rounding up a total of 5 individuals including his workers. The soldiers also stopped two individuals that were fixing their vehicle on the side of the road and executed them all.

“Remove AMISOM now! We want Somali Soldiers”

According to bystanders and eye witnesses, some of the individuals were immediately executed with a bullet to the head.

“Their corpses were dragged 100 meters from the location of the crime. They were piled up and explosive devices were placed on the pile of corpse before being exploded“,

“We collected a leg from one location, an arm from another location, a leg from another location,”

“It is routine for AMISOM forces to travel on this particular road every few weeks to move supplies. They have always harassed and even killed innocent Somalis along this road”,

“We want the Somali people to see this. Remove these AMISOM forces. We want Somali soldiers”, said a relative of the victim speaking to Shabelle Media Network.

Silence from AMISOM and the Federal Government

AMISOM are yet to respond or make an official statement regarding the atrocities committed in Shalanbood despite questions and complaints raised by relatives of the victims and regional authorities.

This yet another crime committed by foreign forces in Somalia that seems to be kept quiet by the African Union Mission in Somalia.

The KDF bombing of Gedo was another war atrocity in the name of AMISOM which killed numerous Somali women and children. Despite the AU promising an open investigation to the crime and justice for the victims, we are yet to see an investigation even beginning.

Sources close to Horumar have indicated that the Federal government seems reluctant to release an immediate official response to the incident.

Time for AMISOM to go?

AMISOM has been in Somalia for over a decade and while the force has to some degree successfully provided security to government institutions in Somalia the past decade, the time for an active 22,000 strong foreign army in Somalia has come to a close.

The levels of success demonstrated by the Somali National Army in Mudug in which over 200 militants killed and 16 bases were destroyed in just over a week demonstrates the capabilities of the army today. Similar successes in Lower Shabelle campaigns as well as Koonfur Galbeed also highlight the ability of the SNA to protect and liberate the remaining regions of Somalia under terrorist control as outlined in the Somali Transitional Plan by December 2021.

The recent attempt by AMISOM to claim an SNA operation in Bakool on August 6th showcases the desperate situation in which AMISOM forces are to claim some sort of operation to justify their presence.

The 22,000 strong force have failed to complete their main objective: defeat a weaker and smaller Al-Shabaab group. Somalia must learn lessons from Afghanistan; a foreign army cannot train or fight your battle.

Somalis must lead. Somali solutions to Somali problems.

Recent AMISOM Incidents

  • Aug 10th, AMISOM kill 7 civilians in Lower Shabelle.
  • Aug 9th, at least 2 ENDF soldiers were killed during a gun fight in Bardhere between Tigray and Amhara.
  • Aug 7th, AMISOM claims to have conducted operations in KG on Twitter when in reality, the operation was conducted by SNA

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