Over 10 Militants Killed in Lower Shabelle

At least 10 al-Shabab militants were killed by Ugandan soldiers with African Union mission this afternoon.

The troops using helicopter gunships also destroyed an Al-Shabaab technical vehicle in Lower Shabelle region, according governor Abdulkadir M. Nur Siidi.

AMISOM under the Ministry of Defence

It was earlier this week that AMISOM transferred the responsibility of security planning and operations in Somalia to the Somali Armed Forces.

This comes on the backdrop of the recent military victory in Awdheegle which saw the Somali Commandos repel an Al-Shabaab attack, killing 76 according to government figures. The decisive battle remains the biggest victory by Somali Armed Forces against the militants in recent times.

AMISOM and the African Union are preparing for their eventual withdrawal from Somalia. The UN Security Council voted on the 25th of February to extend to mandate for AMISOM forces until the 31st of December.

What is AMISOM?

The African Union Mission in Somalia is an active, regional peacekeeping mission operated by the African Union with the approval of the United Nations Security Council.

The 19,626-strong force has been in Somalia since 2007 following the withdrawal of Ethiopian forces, helping fight and liberate the country from Al-Shabaab militants and warlords in an attempt to uphold, expand and propel the power of the Transitional Government of Somalia at that time.

It also has been training and preparing the Somali Armed Forces and Police Force to able to take responsibility of security in Somalia.

The transfer of power this week symbolises the achievement of its goal to rebuild an effective and functioning Somali security forces.

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