What is Horumar?

Horumar is an independent political outlet ran by Suldan Mohamed, MA. The aim of Horumar is to provide fair, open and accurate reporting on both Somalia and its relations with the international community. This outlet is particularly catered for those outside Somalia who wish to find a more detailed and clear image of the situation on the ground. In addition to reporting, the author provides comprehensive commentary into the political dynamic of Somalia, providing regular analysis of the political, economic and social circumstances while attempting to answer the difficult questions facing state building in Somalia.

Suldan Mohamed is a member of an ever-growing young Somali diaspora attempting to reconnect with Somalia. As the lead author, the aim of Horumar under his supervision to develop into a voice for the Somali youth interested and become a connecting bridge between young Somalis inside and outside Somalia. We also wish to help provide a better understanding of the dynamic in Somalia for those who have an interest and are keen in learning more about Somalia’s road to recovery and state building in general.

If you are as enthusiastic and intrigued about Somalia as we are here at Horumar, feel free to contact us via Twitter, Facebook and E-mail. If not, you can drop a comment on any of our posts to leave us your thoughts. We are always happy to reply and help out!

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